The principle of deodorization

The principle of deodorization is the steam distillation method, so that water vapor through the oil layer, bring out the odor components. Deodorization should try to increase the operating temperature and reduce the operating pressure, so that get out the maximum odor components. In the deodorization process, adding antioxidants is to prevent oxidation, to extend […]

How much do you know about the soybean oil expeller?

Introduction of groundnut oil press machine/soybean oil expeller/sesame oil mill 1.low-temperature-press (LP), high-temperature-press. 2.external processing, using rape seed, peanut,sunflower,soybean,benne and other oil-bearing crops as raw materials. can run a small oil factory with our refining equipment. can sell it while pressing at the market. Our company is one leading producer of oil equipments […]

Charactristic of palm kernel oil processing machine

This units belongs to intermittent refining oil equipment, has all functions of large, small scale intermittent refining equipment, and better than them. This equipment can produce high-cooking oil or salad oil. This units complete set combined, self-prepare heat source, gas source, elect-rics control. Light weight, save electricity , convenient use, this machine do not need […]

What is soybean protein?

Soybean protein can be classified ordinary soybean protein ,soybean concentrate protein and soybean isolate protein, normally the ordinary soybean protein can be used as animal feed, the concentrate soybean protein can be used in edible food, the isolate soybean protein can be used in medicine and health care products. Normally we can produce the machine […]

Cold-pressed sunflower oil

Cold-press process The Reinartz cold-press machine used at VPO has a capacity to process between 300kg and 350kg of seed per hour. “If we were to run it at full capacity, working every day of the year, we’d be able to process around 3 000t/ year through the plant,” says Homsek. When the seed arrives […]

Oil extraction process

Oil extraction process Oil extraction is done in several stages and with the help of machine you can extract oil from any seeds. 1) Seed selection : The seed must be perfect from which you want to extract the oil. If they are you own cultivate seeds then look before placing them into machine that […]

How much it costs to open a mustard mill ?

How much it costs to open a mustard mill ? 15KW/20 HP motor – Rs 40,000. Oil extraction machine – 1 lakh rupees. Empty tins and bottles – 10000 rupees. Power connection ( 3 phase ) – 20,000 rupees. It will cost you 2 lakhs to open an oil mill which will include labour wages. […]

Business Ideas in India: How to Start Oil Mill Business

These days oil is used extensively by people, due to which demand for different types of oils is increasing day by day. At present, the business of extracting oil from seeds is becoming very popular and successful in our country. If you want you can start this business and earn huge profit from it. This […]